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About Us

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. - Mt 11:28

Jesus came to save and to heal. Our prayer is that this website is a haven for those who are weary and burdened, who are seeking help from licensed, professional counselors who have a strong Christian faith and are commended by their local congregation. 

Our mission is to connect Christians who are seeking professional counseling, coaching, or consultation services with competent mental health clinicians who respect and understand their faith views. Our mission is to be a helpful resource to churches, ministers, and lay church leaders who want to learn more about mental health topics from a Christian perspective

Our Story

The Well Behavioral Health was formed from the great need of Christians desiring Christian counseling.  Overall, we have found that Christians desire the professional mental health training with the biblical and faith background.   We have seen this combination allows the Holy Spirit to work in the most effective way to bring transformation.  The Well began out of our and many Christian counselors inboxes being filled with requests for counseling.  Our prayer is that we can provide a platform at The Well that allows Christians easy access to professional Christian mental health providers all over the world.  Our passion and mission is to provide easy access to online counseling for the ambassadors of Christ.  The wells in the Bible have always been a place of transformation and community. We desire that same transformation and community to happen virtually at The Well.

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The Well Behavioral Health is a service that connects clients with professional Christian counselors. Clients and clinicians connect using our secure HIPAA compliant “Virtual Office”. Telehealth is an evidence-based service that can be used effectively to help individuals with a variety of mental health issues.  We also have the ability to see people in-person if that is preferred. 


The Well Behavioral Health is a listing service that connects clients to Christian professional mental health counselors. The Well lists experienced counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers who respect and support the important role that faith plays in the lives of Christians. Counselors are required to submit letters of reference from leaders of their congregation attesting to their active involvement and service in their local fellowship. Counselors are available for on-line counseling sessions.

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Meet The Team

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